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11 June 2011 @ 12:37 am
Fanfic: Finding Sunshine After Rain (ch 8)  
I took a break and decided to finish the chapter today.

Finding Sunshine After Rain
Rating: R 
Pairing: Edwin
Series: Anime 1. But there will be a few shout-outs to Brotherhood
Summary: In order to get revenge on the FullMetal Alchemist, someone sends Winry over to the other side of the gate and forces her to act like another Earth-lookalike of herself, but there's more at stake than just a broken heart...
chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 chapter 7

“I don’t care if you have meetings later; you’ve got to listen to me!”

Masten looked up over the towering inbox to see Lang standing in his office, looking irritated. “What are you doing here? I thought I told you to go get—”

“I did get information,” Lang said, pulling up a chair. He leaned back to rest his boots on Masten’s desk. “And you’re not going to believe it.”

Masten gave him another look, and then nudged Lang’s boots of his desk with his elbow. “Fine, but unless you’ve got me something worth hearing, I won’t—”

“This guy uses magic.”

Masten dropped the pen in his hand. “What?”

Lang didn’t look like he was joking. “Well, it was definitely something not normal. I attacked him and there were red sparks, and a shield made of rock appeared from the ground. Like he made it right then and there—”

Masten listened, and then sighed, opening one of his desk drawers. “Are you telling me that this enemy—whoever he is—has the ability to manipulate matter? Are you sure you didn’t see it wrong?”

Lang folded his arms and gave an annoyed sigh. “I told you what I saw. It wasn’t dark yet, and there were definitely bright red sparks, and this shield was made using the concrete below. We saw a dip in the ground underneath after he did it. I don’t know how he did it, but—”

“I would say you definitely saw something wrong, but at this point, I don’t have a choice but to believe you.”

Lang tilted his head slightly. “You do?”

Masten shrugged. “Well, my wife was keeping watch too, and she saw the whole thing. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t trust my wife?” he gave a little chuckle.

Ling didn’t look so relieved. “Your wife was there? MaiLi and I didn’t see anyone—”

“Oh, she’s very good at keeping out of sight when she needs to,” Masten said with a grin.

Lang continued to give him a skeptical look. “I thought you said your wife was a reporter.”

“I did,” Masten said quickly. “After getting me a picture of the man, I was able to dig up a few things. This man is called ‘James Smith’, but it’s more than likely an alias. He looks to be of German descent, but he does not have a birth certificate, or any proof of immigration.”

“He did have a German accent,” Lang agreed. “But if he doesn’t have any proof of immigration, he must be an illegal then?”

“You’re an illegal too, remember.”

Lang smirked, “Yes, but you won’t deport me will you?”

“I won’t deport you until after all this is sorted out,” Masten grunted.

Lang shrugged. “Fair enough.”

“But on the subject of illegal immigrants,” Masten opened a pile he had pulled from a drawer earlier, with a picture of the Elric brothers paperclipped to the top. “According to their records, they were born in Germany in 1905 and 1911, and immigrated to Britain in 1923.”


Masten raised an eyebrow and handed the file over to Lang. “Take a look at this,” he pointed to a copy of Edward Elric’s birth certificate. It was printed in German, on official paper, with official seals and official signatures, complete with the names of the parents, doctors, and nurses in attendance. It looked perfect. Then Masten pointed down to the name of the hospital. “There is no ‘Saint Maria Hospital’ in Berlin. It never existed.”

“They are good, though,” Lang said, leafing through the documents.

Masten swiped the folder back. “Yes, but using the name of a fake hospital? How did immigration ever let them through…also, the seal is off; it’s slightly tilted, see? And I’m sure there’s more here that’s worse than the rest…I should launch an investigation after all this is over, clearly the immigration office isn’t working as well as it should—”

“All right, the certificates are fake. But what else does it prove other than Edward and Alphonse Elric got into the country illegally?”

“I’m getting to it,” Masten continued. “This gets weirder the more you look into it. Faking a birth certificate is one thing, but the parents they list have never existed. Why would they need to fake their parents’ names? And when I tried to dig deeper into this, I couldn’t find much documentation about them at all. All I’ve got is a record that Edward Elric was living with Alfons Heindrich in Germany, and his brother suddenly appears a year or so later. Edward Elric had a little scuffle with German police, and after Heindrich’s death, he and his brother immigrated and have been pretty quiet since. Except for this, that is.”

Lang was resting his cheek against his hand, looking skeptical. “Germany has been trying to round up people of ‘undesirable descent’ lately—they could just be trying to hide it. Lots of people have been taking desperate measures to get out of Germany, so I still don’t see what—”

“Maybe,” Masten closed the folder. “But then there’s the deal with this girl called ‘Wendy’. She doesn’t give a last name. There is no record of a missing person of German descent called ‘Wendy’ or bearing her description. She said she came to the country recently, but she has absolutely no records. It’s as if she appeared out of thin air, just like this ‘James Smith’ and our Elric brothers.” Leaning back in his chair, Masten smirked, “Isn’t it interesting that we have all these German immigrants popping up all over London with no records?”

Lang met his smile. “A man to sniff out a conspiracy, are you?”

Masten shrugged, “I’m a man who knows how to sniff out a big investigation that will lead to a promotion, that’s all.”

“Any ideas how to get this investigation started?”

Masten rested his head in his hands, hiding the confident smirk. “If we’re going to assume that these people all have appeared in this country, seemingly out of thin air, then there must be a connection between them all.”

Lang thought, “I don’t think talking to Miss Wendy will do anything—she says she never met him before.”

“There’s another way,” Masten assured. “This man called Smith seems to have a grudge against Edward Elric. Why don’t we see if we can confirm that?”

“Hey, Edward!” Lang burst through Madame’s door with a smile.

Edward dropped his mug in surprise. “Lang? What the—why are you here?

“Maybe he wanted to say hi, Brother,” Alphonse snickered. Ed shot him a look.

Can’t I talk to you every now and then?” Lang grinned.

“No,” Ed growled, turning back to his food.

Lang slung his arm around Ed’s shoulder, making him scowl. “Not even if I have some information that you might want to know?” he whispered into Ed’s ear.

“Information about what?” Ed muttered back, taking up his mug. Whatever it was, Lang couldn’t be that well connected…

“About the one who tried to blow both you and Miss Wendy up a while ago.”

Ed set down his mug.

Shrugging out of Lang’s grip, he said, “All right, smartass. Tell me what you know.”

Lang grinned; damn it, he knew all along Ed would ask if he baited with this. “Not here. Let’s go outside.”

“Fine,” Ed looked at his brother. “Be back soon.”

Al, however, was giving Lang a funny look…why would he do that? “Whatever Brother.”

As Ed followed Lang back outside, he nearly ran into Wendy, cleaning plates off one of the tables. “Oh…” Their eyes met. And then he looked away. “Be back in a minute.”

She nodded. Damn, this was awkward. “Okay. Should I clean up your—”

“Nah, leave it. After I’m finished with this guy, I might need it.”

She nodded, then scurried off to the kitchen.  So things still weren’t “okay” between them. Would things ever go back to normal now?

“All right, now what is this about,” Ed demanded as soon as he and Lang were in the alley. “You said you know the guy who tried to blow us up a while back? Why does it matter, anyway? Wasn’t it just one of those anti-immigration freaks?”

“That’s what I thought at the time,” Lang explained. “But it’s more complicated than that. The sergeant and I think the attack was specifically targeted at you.”

“You’ve been talking to Masten?!” So was everyone talking behind his back, now?

“If you think about it, there haven’t been many attacks like that, except that one, so—”

“What about the shooting at Madame’s?” Ed folded his arms across his chest in disbelief. “Did this guy do that one, too?”

“No, that has nothing to do with this. But Masten has come into some information that makes him think—”

“Listen, Lang, thanks and all, but I think Masten is just putting together crap and not understanding what it means. There’s no reason anyone here would target me.” He turned to go back inside.

No one would have a reason, unless they knew of his exploits in Germany…but that was impossible. He and Al had tried to lay low in Britain, so…

“It’s not just you that’s in danger,” Lang warned before Ed could go any further. “Masten thinks Miss Wendy’s in danger, too.”

Ed froze.

He looked back over his shoulder at Lang. “Wendy? What about her? Why would anyone target her? They wouldn’t unless—”

Unless they knew she looks like Winry.

Unless they knew how he felt about Winry.

Unless they were trying to get to him.

Now that Lang had his attention, he said, “The other day, I was waiting outside the bar—”

“More like spying on me,” Ed grumbled.

Waiting when a guy showed up. According to Masten, his name is ‘John Smith’, but it’s an alias. He claims to come from Germany, but he doesn’t have any records to prove it. And here’s the weird part—while I fought him, he used some sort of…magic.”

Magic?” Ed let out a gasp. Germany. No records. It couldn’t be—!

Lang nodded. “There was a red flash, and suddenly, he created a shield out of concrete from the street. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first, but—”

Red flash. Construction from the surroundings. Alchemy.

But—how? You couldn’t do alchemy on this side of the gate! Hell, how many times had he tried it? It was impossible! But—Alchemy. A guy from Germany. If this was true—!

Someone else is here from Amestris. Someone who can do alchemy. Someone who might know the way home—!

It didn’t even matter if this guy was after his life. Ed grabbed Lang by the collar, “Lang! This guy, did you and the bastard figure out where he’s hiding? Tell me!”

“Th—the warehouses by the river!” Lang squeaked out, and Ed put him down, turning on the spot. “Hang on, let me come—!”

“No!” Ed shot him a serious look. “I’ll—I’ll go alone.”


“Just, stay here, protect the others!” That was the best excuse Ed could give. If someone really was here from Amestris, he didn’t want those of this world hearing about it. “I’ll be fine by myself!”

With that, Ed ran off toward the Thames, heart hopeful for the first time he could remember since coming to this world.

As for Lang, he watched him go, skeptical look on his face. “He wasn’t even surprised by the ‘magic’,” he muttered to himself, suspicions confirmed.

It didn’t take Ed long to find the guy’s hideout. While sighs of alchemy couldn’t be hidden, they weren’t totally invisible. The second abandoned warehouse he came to had signs of alchemy being used to reinforce the door. Well, the door was booby-trapped, but apparently this “Smith” guy hadn’t thought to cover the broken window.

Ed shimmied inside, setting his feet down on the cracked concrete. It looked like this warehouse hadn’t been used in ages—empty crates and dusty ladders were piled against the corners, with a moth-eaten tarp thrown in the corner. The orange light of sunset filtered in through the opaque windows and through cracks in the rough, but Ed didn’t see anyone here…

He took a step, and looked down.

Below him was an alchemy circle.

Ed knelt down to it. It was faint, but it definitely was there. At the very center there was a drop of red…blood?

The circle was complete, but it was unlike anything Ed had seen before. He could make out the characters for “world”, “door”, and “travel”, but he had never seen this combination before.

If this really was a circle from Amesterian alchemy…was this a way to get back to his world?

Ed’s heart leapt in his chest, and he wished he had brought a pad of paper to copy it down—but then he remembered. It doesn’t matter about the circle, you can’t do alchemy in this world, stupid!

Besides, he had no proof this circle even worked, anyway. But still…


Ed found a rock on the floor and nicked his thumb. Taking a deep breath, he clapped his hands together and set them on the circle.


Of course. He couldn’t expect that to work every time he found a circle in this world…

Still, this proved one thing. Whoever was hiding out in this warehouse was indeed Amesterian.

Ed got up and continued to the back of the warehouse. He found a door at the far end and pushed it open. It led to another, smaller room. Not much was in there but a metal cube on the floor (what was that?) and a broken chair. The window was completely boarded up, so only a thin ray of light filtered into the room. Though the room was dim, Ed thought he saw a figure in the shadows, a figure that might be…

“You are brave, coming here without alchemy.”

Ed instantly got on the alert, hands forming fists. “I didn’t have much of a choice.”

The voice chuckled. Ed listened carefully, but he had never heard this voice before. “Still brave, aren’t you? And reckless…I would’ve thought five years in this world would have taught you not to run into situations when you can’t defend yourself.”

“That’s none of your business!” Ed growled. “Now, who are you? I know you’re from Amestris! How did you get here? You can’t cross the gate unless—”

“So many questions…I’ll answer them all in good time. The only name I’ll give you is Smith.”

Oh, so they were going to play it that way, huh? Fine. He could beat those answers out of him later. For now…“Okay, ‘Smith’. Then tell me this. Lang said you tried to kill me and Wendy the other day. Why?”

“If you want to know about that, then rack your brains, FullMetal Alchemist. You should be able to find something.”

What, was this guy a Bradley supporter or something? Sheesh. “Listen you, I’m not the FullMetal Alchemist anymore. I gave that up when I came to this world. I just want to be left alone!”

The sound was moving…but the shadow wasn’t… “Ah…left alone to wallow in your misery, yes?” Ed whirled around—now the sound was behind him. But where was the guy? He couldn’t see— “Even though you have no chance of going home, you still cling to that small, miniscule hope—”

“Shut up!” Ed roared, stepping closer. “I’ll find a way! Even if I have to beat it out of you, I’ll find a—!”

“I wonder, FullMetal, how much you suffer now…seeing a double of the girl you loved…knowing she looks the same but will never, ever be the one…”

Ed roared and rushed toward the sound, fists flying—

No one was there. His hands—out to grab the bastard’s collar—met a cold, hard wall. He turned again, eyes flickering back and forth.

“It’s no use, FullMetal. You cannot fight me.” Damnit, he couldn’t see! Where was he—

Ed caught a red spark in the far corner of the room. He ran to it, reaching out and grabbing—

A speaker.

It was heavy, transmuted from the concrete of the wall, and recently transmuted, if the faint reddish sparks were any indication. That’s how he had been doing it. He had never been in the room at all. Just watching from the outside, waiting…

“I’ll be watching you, FullMetal Alchemist,” the speaker said in his hand. “Now it’s time to show me some despair.”

Ed sighed as he walked home, running the encounter over in his head. This Smith guy was good—he knew how to stay out of sight, and yet he had watched Ed the entire time. He had been using alchemy then and there, and though Ed didn’t know yet how Smith could use alchemy on this side of the gate, he did figure out one thing.

Smith had been using alchemy for stealth…like espionage.

Years ago, back in Amestris, he had heard of something like that. A project of teaching spies alchemy to improve their work. But last he heard, it hadn’t been implemented yet. Whether or not the government continued with it after Bradley’s government fell, he didn’t know.

Still, even if he was one of those alchemists, how did he get beyond the gate? And how did he continue to use alchemy over here? It didn’t make sense…

Still…even though this guy was dangerous, a small flicker of hope lit in Ed’s heart. This guy knew a way to get over here. That meant…he might know a way back! Finally, he and Al could go home—back to Amestris, back to Risembool, back to—

A flash of her came into his mind.

Still, as soon as he thought of it, a sick feeling came to his stomach. Even if Winry had waited for him (and that was unlikely)…what about Wendy? She only existed on this side of the gate, and she definitely…um, liked him…so…what would happen to her?

Damnit, Elric, you can’t do this forever! Just pick one and stick with it! You can’t have them both!

He knew that…he knew that, but…

Either way, one of them would be left in tears.
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alchemyotaku75: more than friendshaganeneko on June 11th, 2011 05:24 am (UTC)
Yay, a new chapter!

Can't wait until Ed gets his hands on 'Smith'! And now I'm curious; just how does 'Smith' perform alchemy in our world? (asked rhetorically, of course!)

Looking forward to the next installment!
Kit: Shamballa Edinulovinkit on June 11th, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
Ed will get his hands on him soon enough. But as for how Smith does alchemy...It's just when I was watching CoS for the first time, I wondered why Ed never thought of trying X with alchemy in our world. It makes sense within the confines of the story, anyway.

I can't wait to write the next chapter either since it's going. to be. totally. AWESOME.
alchemyotaku75haganeneko on June 11th, 2011 05:52 am (UTC)
Yes! I shall eagerly wait for this awesomeness!
Barking at the windevil_little_dog on June 11th, 2011 01:29 pm (UTC)
Another good chapter in this series!
Kit: Edwininulovinkit on June 11th, 2011 06:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading!
phooma12345 on June 11th, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
You should some how make Ed get his alchemy back. I just thought it be something cool to put in the next chapter:]

By the way really nice job!!
Kit: Edo-kuninulovinkit on June 11th, 2011 06:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Awsome!
I'm not going to make Ed "get" his alchemy back, since according to CoS, you can't use alchemy on that side of the gate. However, that doesn't mean that Ed won't figure out how Smith is using alchemy on the other side of the gate, though.
(Anonymous) on June 13th, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Awsome!
Ohh ok:] and by the way what is CoS?
(Anonymous) on June 13th, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Awsome!
Conqueror of Shamballa. It's the movie that was made as a continuation and end of the 1st series of FMA.
phooma12345 on June 16th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
Re: Awsome!
Ohh ive seen the movie I just didnt know it was abreviated as CoS... But thats for telling me:]
Shellisonshellison on June 12th, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)
This is worse than reading a book! That feeling of desperately wanting to know what happens, racking your brain as you're trying to figure out what already did happen, and being incredibly impatient as you frantically continue to read and find out; it's one thing when you feel all this as you read a book where you can just keep going as long as you want - except for the time it takes to actually read, you don't have to wait to find out what happens. But reading this story online is killing me! Vigilantly awaiting each chapter, not knowing when I'll get to figure out what happens. I'm so impatient because it's so /good/. It makes me all squirmy.
Kit: Edo-kuninulovinkit on June 12th, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)
XD Haha, I know the feeling. I can, however, maybe ease that pain by telling you that there's only about 14 chapters to this story, so it's not incredibly long that you have to wait.

I'll try to get the next (read: AWESOME) chapter out before I go to Montreal early in July.