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14 May 2011 @ 04:28 am
Fic: Secrets in the Rain  
 Procrastinating again. Go me. 

Title: Secrets in the Rain
Rating: R for Ed's potty mouth
Word Count: 4,994
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Characters: Ed/Winry
Summary: The finale of the Rejection/Frustration cycle! Ed and Winry are trapped in a rainstorm and the power goes out, and some secrets between them are finally said.

“Hey, did you hear a word I said?”

Ed looked up over the top of one of his alchemy books to see his brother staring at him. “You said something?”

Al sighed. “I said I’m going away for a couple of hours. Granny asked me to come help her make a house call. This guy’s new automail hand still hurts despite the painkillers; Granny wants to try a new type of treatment.”

“You’re going with her? What about Winry?” Usually the resident automail geek got called away on house calls.

“She’s finishing up a new foot for somebody.”

Hmph. Of course. Ed leaned back against his bed and returned to his reading. “Why did Granny ask you to go? Usually she makes me do the chores.” Though the fact that his brother physically couldn’t do chores for about a year after they returned from their journey had something to do with that.

Al finished tying one of his shoes. “Well…this new treatment…it’s got something to do with using powerful magnets…”

Ed wiggled the toes of his metal, most likely magnetic foot. “Yeah, that’s probably not a good idea.”

“Well, don’t have too much fun being alone in the house with Winry all afternoon,” Al snickered. Ed sputtered and nearly dropped his book.

“Hey she’s—she’s working! She’ll probably be down there all day—”

“Then it’s up to you to give her a break,” Al laughed, much to the embarrassment of his older brother.


Al continued to laugh as he stood up, glancing out the window to the darkening sky. “Great, it looks like it’s going to rain…”

“Then take an umbrella,” Ed growled, returning to the solitude of his research.

Twenty minutes after Al and Pinako left, Ed heard a roll of thunder in the distance. His eyes flew to the window—dark grey clouds covered the sky as he heard another thunderclap. Groaning, he switched on the lamp and faced away from the window.

Two minutes later, he heard a patter against the roof, escalating into a full scare torrent. Al had better remembered that umbrella.

Try as he might, it was getting harder and harder to ignore the rain and wind slamming against his window, followed by flashes and bangs. The temperature dropped, and just as Ed thought about grabbing a jacket—



And Ed was left in darkness.

“Fuck,” he muttered, tossing his book aside. There was enough light to get around, but reading was right out. Ed stood up, intent on heading downstairs to get some candles.

As he was headed down the stairs, he heard incessant stomping coming up from below. The door to the basement opened with a bang! to rival the thunder outside, and Winry emerged, grease stains on her pants and hair disheveled, and look on her face that gave Ed a sudden urge to duck.

“Hi,” he said, raising a hand to her, but she didn’t return the gesture.

Flashlight!” she said, stomping toward the kitchen. “I was almost finished welding the groves in the outer plate! Almost. Finished. And the power’s out!”

“I noticed,” Ed muttered, squinting as they walked into the kitchen. It was only about five o’clock, but the sky was getting darker by the second.

Winry threw open the far drawer in the kitchen and began frantically shuffling through it. “Almost finished, Edward! I was this close—Where is the flashlight?” She began throwing things out of the drawer without abandon, and Ed decided to step in before she broke something in her frustration.

Picking up the fallen paperclips and bottle openers, Ed said, “Jeez, Win, calm down.”

She whirled on him, eyes livid. “I was almost finished, Ed! Just the welding and tightening some screws and then there was—”

Not wanting a wrench denting his skull, he said, “Okay, okay…just…let’s wait for the power to come back on, all right? Then you can go back and finish screwing your automail—er, working on your automail!” he quickly corrected, blushing slightly at the slip of tongue.

Winry’s eyebrows went up a bit at the “screwing automail” comment, but she shook her head and turned back to the drawer. Some more shuffling revealed the flashlight, hidden at the bottom. “Finally!” she said, grabbing it and flicking it on.

It wasn’t much light—the orange glow was enough to see a bit clearer, but it wasn’t enough for comfort. “Now what?” Ed asked, as Winry set the flashlight down on the table.

She said nothing, only shuddered a moment and rubbed her bare arms. She was cold; though it didn’t surprise Ed, since she wore only that black strapless bra up top (not that he minded this). “It’s getting colder…”

“Yeah…” Ed was suddenly struck with an idea. “How about we make a fire? We’ve got wood—”

“In the shed, yeah,” she said, glancing toward the window. Sheets of rain pounded against the glass. “But do you really want to go out in that?

Winry shivered again, and Ed made up his mind. “Yeah, I’ll do it. If I wear a coat, I’ll be fine, right?”

Unfortunately, despite the beige trench coat pulled firmly around him, the second Ed stepped out into the full-on gale, he knew this was a bad idea. The sleet hammered his back as he hunched over, wading through soggy grass and wishing very much the shed was closer to the house. Damn shed.

Once he pried the shed door open against the howling wind, it was only a momentary reprieve. Taking inventory of his wet socks, soaked shirt and damp hair, Ed let out a grunt, knowing he’d have to go back into the cold eventually.

Winry had better appreciate this.

When he finally stumbled inside the house, freezing and dripping, he dropped the three logs he had carried onto the floor. “They’re dry,” he muttered, hanging his coat on the rack. “I stuffed them in my coat.”

Winry’s mouth was slightly agape as she looked at him. All she could manage to say was, “You’re getting water all over the floor.”

“Yeah…” Damn it, now his teeth were starting to chatter. “Gonna go change…” he muttered, shuffling past her. Right now he just wanted some warm socks. And pants. And maybe a blanket…

Actually, a blanket was a pretty good idea. After he changed into warm clothes, he brought down two of them from the upstairs closet. Ed came downstairs to see the fire already started, Winry sitting in the warm glow. He handed her the blanket, smiling, “Warm now?”

“I should be asking you that question,” she smiled back, wrapping the blanket around her shoulders.

“Better than I was ten minutes ago,” he said, sitting next to her. This was kind of nice…the fire was warm, the blanket was warm, and Winry was sitting next to him and smiling. Now the only thing that would make this perfect was…

His stomach growled, making its point.

Winry giggled, “Hungry?”

“Little bit.”

She giggled again, and stood up. “I’m kind of hungry too…why don’t I make us something?”

“You sure?” If she was still cold, he didn’t want her going into the cold kitchen. He could go in and help her—

“Don’t worry about it. You got the logs, so I’ll make the food.” She left him with a smile, and Ed watched her go back into the kitchen, flashlight in hand.

Guess Al was right, he thought, turning back to the fire. I did end up helping her “take a break” after all.

Despite the cold and the journey out into the freezing rain, it was kind of nice. Spending some time with Winry, he meant. Whenever he was with her he felt…calm. Happy. With her, everything felt right.

Well, what he wasn’t dealing with the stressful fallout of realizing his feelings, at least. Ever since that day when it finally hit him over his head how he felt about her—before that, really—he’d been struggling daily with his emotions over the “issue”. What if he was mistaken about his feelings? What if they got together but it ended badly? And what if…what if she didn’t feel the same way?

Those damn doubts kept him from making a move for over a year. And the one time he did make a move? Got completely shot down. He wasn’t stupid enough to try again.

He hoped he’d get the balls to say something to her before he left for the West in the spring. It was fine being a coward when he was here with her, but once he was gone, who knew what village boys were waiting to pounce?

Bastards. They all deserved a good whack before he left, just to get the message across. Maybe give that Thatcher kid a couple kicks for good measure…

“Here,” while Ed had been beating randy village boys to bloody pulps in his head, Winry had come back with sandwiches.

“Thanks,” he accepted it, smiling when he notice she remembered to cut it diagonally—the way his mom always used to cut it.

As Winry sat down, she shivered and pulled the blanket up around herself, inching closer to the fire. “It’s cold back there.”

“You didn’t have to go. I could’ve—”

She gave a small chuckle, “It’s all right, Ed.”

It wasn’t all right. She shouldn’t have to be cold just for him.

They ate in silence, with Ed trying hard not to sneak glances at Winry every few seconds. Was she still cold? Did he need to go get a sweater for her? After the fiasco with the panty drawer, he definitely wasn’t allowed in her room, but he had some she could borrow—

“You can stop staring at me, Ed, I’m fine,” she said, shaking her head. “You worry too much.”

Do not worry too much! “I’m just making sure you’re okay.”

“I’m a big girl, Ed, I can handle myself.” After she said it, she paused, eyes sliding away from him. “Or…are you more worried about me because of what you and Al decided…about going to the West…?”

Damnit. She had to bring that up.

It wasn’t like he wasn’t looking forward to it—going to new places, seeing new things was just what he was looking for after spending almost two years cooped up in Resembool. Maybe he always was a traveler at heart.

But a trip out west meant he’d be leaving her.

He shifted positions uncomfortably, eyes darting away from her. “Um…Winry…You don’t think going out West is a bad idea, do you? I mean, Al and I just decided and we never asked you—”

“Oh, no, I think it’s a great idea!” she said at once, plastering a smile on her face. “You and Al like traveling, and besides, you guys should get out and not have to be cooped up here for the rest of your life.”

“I’ll be gone for a while,” he pointed out, watching the fire crackle in the grate. “Maybe months…or a year.”

She didn’t answer as quickly as she had before. “I know…I know it’ll be a while, but you’ve always managed, haven’t you? Just remember to write and call me while you’re gone.”

Of course she’d nag about that. “Yeah…I’ll try…” He wouldn’t know what to say to her, though. Still… “Winry…did Al tell you why we’ve decided to go traveling?”

She blinked. “Um…isn’t it to study alchemy? He did say something about wanting to learn Xingese alchemy from Mei…”

“That’s a part of it,” Ed admitted. “But the real reason is…” He gulped, drawing his feet closer to him under the blanket in a tighter position. He had never told her this before. Some part of him didn’t want to—for years he had never let in anything but the smallest snippets about the hardships he had suffered those years when he sought to get Al’s body back.

Still…some part of him wanted to tell her. To justify why he felt he had to leave her now. And also…because he wanted to finally get it off his chest. “There was a girl we couldn't save.”

He heard her suck in a breath, but never did he look back at her. He pulled the blanket closer around him, eyes on the hardwood floor, “A little girl. Her name was Nina. She was…sweet. But something happened to her…with alchemy. Someone used alchemy to hurt her. Al and I…we didn’t know how to save her and…she died. We always wished there was something we could have done…and that’s why we’re traveling. To learn how to save those that are hurt by alchemy. It’s just…something we have to do.”

Ed was silent for awhile, afraid to look back at her. What would she say? What would she think? What would— “Ed…”

Her warm hand was on his cheek, pulling him to look back at her. There were tears in her eyes…damnit, he had made her cry again. “Ed…you’re still…you’re still haunted by this, aren’t you?”

He didn't meet her eyes.

“This girl…is she the reason you have so many nightmares?”

Now Ed’s eyes darted back to her, panicked and searching her face. “Wait…how do you know about—?”

“You fall asleep on the couch sometimes. I hear you.”

Damnit. He didn’t like Winry knowing about this…knowing that when he slept, he relieved the bad memories…knowing that he was weak

“I have nightmares sometimes too, you know,” she admitted, moving away from him. Only when she was gone did he notice how nice it was that she was close enough that he could get a whiff of her scent…that metallic scent that always clung to her…

“You do?” He pushed aside thoughts of her scent to process this information. She was always so strong on the outside…

She nodded. “Sometimes…about that day…when Al brought you here, bleeding—” She stopped, swallowed, and continued. “Sometimes it’s just things my mind makes up…about what could have happened to you…if you got hurt—killed—and never came back…”

Something in the back of Ed’s brain made him scoot closer to her. He was itching to do something to comfort her—put his hand around her, something—but he was so nervous and barely moved an arm an inch before she looked back at him, making him stop at once. “But then, I wake up and have to remind myself that everything’s all right; you’re here, and safe, so that’s all that matters. Nightmares are nothing to be ashamed of—”

“I don’t just have nightmares about Nina,” he cut her off. His nightmares were different than hers. “I remember…things. Bad things. About…” he gulped. “About Mom…dying. About that day…that…thing that I made…seeing Al trapped in that body…and Mr. Hughes…seeing everyone hurt—dying—and then…” his voice was shaking and he was unsure why he was continuing, but now that he said it, he couldn’t stop, “then Kimblee threatening you…and the promised day…and what could have happened if I didn’t stop it…it’s not just bad memories…its things I caused...things I let happen…things I’ve done—”

“Ed!” she gasped; her hand grasping his shoulder. He didn’t want to look at her, didn’t want to see her reaction, but then he did and damnit, damnit, she was crying and he had made her cry again damnit he promised she wouldn’t cry again damnit he promised—!

“Ed,” she said again, softer this time. She came closer, so close that he could smell her again and then she leaned her forehead against his.

It felt good. Soothing.

“Ed…these things aren't your fault…you know that, don’t you?” Her eyes looked into his. “You didn’t mean for them to happen.”

“They still did.” She just didn't understand…even if he hadn’t meant for Al to get trapped in a suit of armor, Nina to die, Mr. Hughes to die…some part of it was still his fault. “That’s why…that’s why I have to go West. I want to do something…do my part to try and make up for it.”

She nodded. At least she understood.

“And…when…when I've found a way…I’ll come back here.” He didn’t know what made him say it, but the words fell out of his mouth before he could stop them. “Back to you.”

Winry breathed in a small gasp, and then she nodded. “I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting.”

Waiting for him to come home or…waiting…for him?

It didn’t matter, though. Despite what Al thought, Winry had never said anything about wanting to be with him. It was probably stupid of him to keep wishing and hoping—

Even still, he didn’t want to leave for months—maybe over a year—without knowing. Without having her assurances that she wouldn’t go looking elsewhere. Once he was gone, he’d have to focus on what he set out to do—worrying about Winry and whether or not some village boy was courting her couldn’t be constantly in his mind.

But, damnit, he was still too  nervous to make a move.

Winry moved away from him again…looking back into the fire. Ed took advantage of the silence to ask something he had been wondering, “While I’m gone…are you planning on staying here or going back to Rush Valley?”

“Hmm…I’m not sure. I was thinking about it…you know, completing my apprenticeship with Garfiel and then setting up my own shop, but it really depends on Granny. She says she doesn’t need my help, but I worry sometimes…”

Ed could understand that. While Pinako was strong-willed, and sometimes downright scary, she wasn’t young.

“It’s not like I plan on doing much traveling, not like you—you’re the interesting one, I’m afraid,” she gave a little chuckle at that.

Ed blinked. “I’m…interesting?”

Winry shrugged. “I mean, you’re the alchemy geek—you always had these crazy theories in your head, you always wanted to see far-away places, while I was the one who was content to stay at home building things.”

“I think you’re interesting,” Ed blurted out without thinking. When she turned to him, confused look on his face, he clarified, “You’ve—ever since we were kids, you always knew what you wanted to do. You were the weird automail geek, but you always had the crazy determination to do it. You use your hands to do good things—you help put people back together. You’ve put me back together.” In more ways than one, he mentally added. “You built me an arm and a leg, and that’s—that’s awesome.”

She still stared at him. “You think I’m awesome, Ed?”

“Yeah…” he felt a smile creep up on his face. “Really awesome.”

He saw a smile come on her face, and finally she scooted closer to him. “You didn’t seem to appreciate my automail skills two years ago. You used to hate maintenance.”

“I still do,” he grumbled, noticing her hiding a giggle. “Takes forever and then I’m just lying there as you’re overtop of me, poking and me and grabbing at things and having your way with…uh…” he trailed off, noticing the blush on her face. His face grew hot as well. That came out wrong.

In an attempt to forget the embarrassing moment, Winry piped up, “But you’ve been taking better care of your leg lately. You’re not coming in with it hanging by a wire anymore.”

“It’s easier to keep up with the daily maintenance when I’ve only got one metal limb to worry about.” At that he held out his right arm and flexed it—a year and a half, and he still couldn’t believe he had gotten it back.

“I hope you take care of your arm better now that it can’t be replaced at the drop of a hat!” she huffed, though her smile indicated she was only teasing. “How’s your scar, though? Is it still sensitive?”

Shrugging the blanket off of his right shoulder, Ed pulled up the shirt sleeve to show her the large red scar across his shoulder. “A little—it’ll probably never fully heal, but it doesn’t ache anymore.”

Winry reached with hesitant fingers toward him—her fingertips gently touched the scar, the sensation warm rather than painful. “Without your arm for so long, and with the way the nerves were connected to the automail port…it’ll probably be sensitive for a while. Still, I guess it’s worth it, getting your arm back.”

Ed fought the temptation to pull her back as she pulled away again. “Well, it didn’t matter to me anymore about getting my arm and leg back—all I cared about was getting Al his body back. I was getting used to living without my arm and leg anyway. And…to tell the truth…I could’ve gotten my leg back. I chose not to.”

She blinked in surprise. He had never told her that. “Why not?”

“To remind myself of what I had been though,” he said at once. “A reminder of the price of too much pride. And…” Damnit, he hoped he wasn’t blushing… “Because…since you made it, and it saved my life in that battle, I couldn’t just throw it away.”

Her lips parted, but that dazed expression on her face faded as she added, “You banged it up enough that it had to be replaced anyway.”

“Yeah, and you made me a new one,” he said, patting his leg, feeling a smile come on his face. “When I was broken, you always fixed me. I didn’t want to throw that all away.”

She looked like she was going to cry again. Damnit. “You didn’t have to keep it because of me—”

“I wanted to,” he assured her. “It’s a reminder to me. A reminder of the price I had to pay and…” he gulped. Was he really going to say this? He didn’t have to—he could change it now— “A reminder of you.” Crap, he said it.

And now there really were tears in her eyes. And…something else, too…was she blushing. And…he was starting to feel kind of hot, too. Was it the fire? Maybe they should take the blankets off if it was going to start getting warmer…

Winry scooted closer to him again—he could hear the crackle of the fire and the roll of thunder in the background, but it slowly faded as her hand came upon his shoulder again—that physical sign of what he had suffered, and what he had recovered from. “I always…I always did want to fix you when you were broken. Even…when you wouldn’t let me fix you.” She said this in almost a whisper, eyes flickering up to him.

But…that made no sense. Why wouldn’t he let her fix broken automail? He needed it to fight…even though he complained, he always surrendered his busted limbs in the end, so what was she talking about? “I let you fix me,” he said bluntly, eyebrows furrowed; confused.

Her lips formed a small smile. “Sometimes. And sometimes…you pushed me away.”

When did he do that? He couldn't think of a time when he had…

“But…I never gave up…Back then, I would have done anything to help you…just to be with you…when you were traveling, sometimes I…” here she paused, blush deepening. “I kept wishing you would call me, sometimes wishing you’d even break your automail, just so I could see you again. Even though it took weeks—sometimes months—you always did call. I would come and fix you and then, those times when I was broken…you fixed me.”

He couldn’t look away from her. Were her eyes always this blue? And then…somehow, it dawned on him what she was talking about. “Equivalent exchange…” he murmured…he could smell her metallic scent again and it was so damned intoxicating—

She shook her head, asking, “Does it have to be equivalent exchange?” That hand on his shoulder was moving…moving toward his face… “Even…even if you never fixed me…even if you never wanted me to…I still would have done all I could to fix you. It didn’t matter if you didn’t want to return the favor.”

“I did want to return the favor,” he said, his mouth saying it before his brain could think it over. “I always—always worried about you, even when Al and I forgot to call and left you alone. After—when Bradley threatened you, I was out of my damn mind with worry. I couldn’t stand it until I knew you were safe. That’s why I was so scared on the Promised Day. Because if we failed—that meant that you—”

“But I’m all right,” she smiled, his heart thudded in his chest at that smile. And kept on thudding. It was so loud that it droned out the rain, the crackle of the fire—he was surprised that she couldn’t hear it. “You succeeded. You saved everyone, and I’m here, safe. You’re a hero, Ed—”

“I’m no hero,” he cut her off. Heroes saved people for unselfish reasons—he had stopped Father so those he cared about would be safe. He didn’t qualify to be a hero.

She seemed to understand, and said softly, “You’re a hero to me. You’ve always been.”

His heart was pounding faster and faster…Her eyes met his…

“You've got something in your hair,” she whispered, reaching up to pull out a bit of twig that had become entangled in his golden strands. Her fingers slowly ran through his hair, stopping at the back of his head.

“It’s a fucking gale out there,” he whispered back, his thumb coming to brush away a breadcrumb off of her cheek.

“I bet,” she murmured, her lips parting slightly as she came closer…her eyes sliding shut…

His heart jumped in his chest as her soft lips pressed against his.

Her warm body pressed up against him—his arms came to instinctively pull her closer—her mouth moved over his and soft gasps escaped them as they tried to work out how kissing was supposed to work—but Ed didn’t really care if it was bad because right now he was kissing Winry and she. Was kissing. Him back.

He felt warm, exhilarated, wonderful, and his heart continued to pound in his chest as she pressed up against him—their noses kept bumping as she moved ever so slightly and he didn’t care this was all so good—where did her tongue come from?!

A loud boom! of thunder shook the house, and both jerked apart, eyes wide and staring. Ed felt his face flush and so was hers and holy fuck did he really just ki-kiss Winry?

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh—

But a small smirk slid on her face, as she admitted, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

Wi—Winry!” He stammered, his poor, broken brain trying to process the information. She’s wanted to kiss me…wait, does that mean that she really does like me?!

She noticed his confusion, and sighed, “Idiot,” and pressed her lips against his once more.

Ed didn’t know how long they were kissing this time—he learned how to tilt his head just so that their noses wouldn’t get in the way…that her running her fingers through his hair felt good…and damn that tongue thing Winry did was amazing—but the fire was dying when she pulled away again, panting and her lips slightly swollen. “Have we been at it for hours?” she panted, thought she was smiling.

“Maybe,” Honestly, he didn’t know how much time had passed, and he didn’t care.

“Without the fire, it’s going to get cold again,” she said, pulling the blanket she had from before over her shoulders again.

“C’mere,” Ed said, putting his arm around her and pulling the blanket to cover both of them. “Better?”

Winry smiled, snuggling into him. “Better.”

Morning light filtered in through his cracked eyelids as he heard a door swing open. “Ed! Winry! You here? We heard the power went out and—” There was silence.

Ed turned his head to see a very shocked Al staring at them. Winry was already stirring by his side. All his brother could see was him and Winry, having fallen asleep next to each other and covered by one blanket. But given the way Al’s eyes bugged out of his head, Ed was sure his brother’s relationship sense had picked up something.

And he was right about that. As Al’s eyes skipped between the two, he asked, “Did something happen last night?”

“Nothing!” Ed said quickly. “It was cold so we lit a fire and snuggled up in blankets to keep warm. Got a problem with that?”

Al still looked skeptical.

Sitting up next to Ed, Winry sighed, “Honestly, Al, it was nothing.” Though underneath the blanket, Ed felt Winry’s fingers entwine with his. He had to keep from smirking.

Yes it was nothing…nothing Al needed to know about.

Al seemed to buy it for the meantime, shrugging, “Whatever, Brother. Now come help me and Granny carry in some boxes.”

Ed glanced back at Winry for a brief moment…well, what was to be said after last night? Nothing Al should hear about, at any rate. “Okay. Uh…see you,” he said awkwardly to Winry, and she waved him off with only a smile.

No matter what they told Al, something had most definitely changed for the better.

After all the frustration, the anxiety, things had finally worked out.

Though Ed was learning to hate a new kind of frustration, a type that he honestly hadn't expected. 
"Not now, Ed, I'm trying to work! I have to finish this plate welding by tomorrow!" 
The power needed to go out a lot more often. 
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Sonja Jade: edwin lovesonjajade on May 14th, 2011 03:14 pm (UTC)
OMG I LOVE IT!!! This was the first thing I read this morning (my cell phone's browser automatically opened my friend's page and this was at the top of the feed) and it was delightful. Such a satisfying end to that frustration they were both having. Great job!
Kitinulovinkit on May 15th, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed!

I struggled with trying to figure out how to end it, but the conversation and their eventual make-out session just seemed to write itself.
Sonja Jade: rrsonjajade on May 15th, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)
I think once they finally get it out in the open and they finally do have that first kiss, in my head canon it does turn into a make out session. There's gonna be such elation and relief all pouring out at once that it's going to take a while to pry them apart.
Kit: Edwininulovinkit on May 15th, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
Oh, definitely. Kissing is Ed's new favorite activity. (Until he discovers sex XD)
Sonja Jade: gropesonjajade on May 15th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)

boy ain't that the truth
Bay Alexison: FLY AWAY NOWbay115 on May 15th, 2011 08:27 pm (UTC)
Aw, that was so sweet! FINALLY the feelings between them was resolved. :P I really like the conversation Winry and Ed had, quite an intimate moment there. Very lovely! :D
Kit: Edwininulovinkit on May 16th, 2011 03:36 am (UTC)
The conversation was probably more intimate than the make out scene was, but that's Ed and Winry for you.

Thanks for reading!
(Anonymous) on May 16th, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)
Oh my god this was perfect and amazing and *flails incoherently*
Kit: Edwininulovinkit on May 17th, 2011 01:27 am (UTC)
thanks for reading!