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18 December 2010 @ 02:55 pm
12 Days of Drabbles! Day 6 - "The Question"  
I had about six different ideas for how I was going to use this prompt, but in the end I decided on this. It was too cute of an idea to pass up. I <3 stay-at-home dad Ed. 

Also meh on the prompt but "six geese a laying" => "laying" => "eggs". I didn't want to do anymore birds. :/

Day 6 - "Eggs"
Title: The Question
Rating: PG
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 691
Characters: Ed, Winry, Edwin babies
Summary: Why do kids have to ask these questions?

Edward Elric felt he was a man truly blessed.

He had defeated Father, gotten his brother’s body back, and now he had a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. Ten years ago, he would have thought that marriage and childrearing were the most boring things on the planet, but now, he was finding out it was quite the opposite.

Sometimes he thought he knew how to kill a homunculus better than how to deal with kids.

“Daddy!” his little girl, Sara smiled up at him as they sat on the porch together, waiting for Winry to come home. “Can you tell us something?”

“What? You wanna know about the story of your daddy and the time he killed a shark again?”

Al, his son, sat in his lap and said, “We know about that! Daddy saw the shark and jumped into the sea and wrestled it to death with his bare hands!”

“That’s right!” He said with a huge grin on his face. “Then we went back to shore and took that picture, and I sent that back to your mom, and she knew she wanted to marry me right then—”

“That’s not it!” Sara glared at Al. “We wanted to know something else.”

The grin slid off his face. He liked telling the story of the shark. “Okay, what do you want to know?”

“Well…” Al thought a moment. “Mama’s been fixing Mr. Goodman’s hand, hasn’t she?”

“Yeah. He’s not adjusting to the new nerve connections as well as she thought.”

“And last time we went over to the clinic to see Mama, Mr. and Mrs. Goodman was there. Mama said…Mama said Mrs. Goodman was gonna have a baby soon!”

“That’s about right.” If the fact that Mrs. Goodman looked like she was about to pop was any indication.

“So we were wondering,” Al began dramatically. “If Mrs. Goodman’s having a baby, then where did the baby come from?”

Ed hoped his eyes weren’t bugging too far out of his head.

Calm down, damn it! Calm down! You knew they’d ask this question someday! Just say something—

Hoping he wasn’t too red, he began, “Well…babies…um…they come from…uh…eggs.”

Not the truth, idiot!

“Eggs?” Sara scrunched her blue eyes up, thinking hard. “Like…chicken eggs?”

“Y-yeah, that’s right. You know how a chick hatches from an egg? Kind of like that.”

Al continued to think. “But…Mama said the baby was inside Mrs. Goodman…how does the egg get up there?”

Ed was very grateful he saw a shape coming up the lane. “Oh, look, I think it’s your mom! Let’s go welcome her home!”

Sometimes, kids were too troublesome for their own good.

Later that night, Winry sat on the edge of their bed, combing out her hair, while Ed read a new book his brother had sent him on Ishbalan alchemy. Huh, so it was like a mixture of Xingese and Amesterain alchemy…maybe it was closer to what Xerxian alchemy had been than anything else…

“You really should stop telling the kids that shark story, they seem to think you wrestled it with your bare hands now.”

“I did kill it—”

She shot him a look. “If I remember, the first time you told me that story, you told me you steered the boat while the fishermen took it out with a harpoon.”

“Close enough,” he muttered to himself.

Winry gave a sigh and rolled her eyes. “You know, when I was fixing his hand today, Mr. Goodman was telling me all about his wife…apparently she’s due any day now.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Ed wasn’t really listening; the chapter he was reading was really interesting. Look at that array! How did the Ishbalans come up with that?

“The way he was talking about it kind of made me remember how you were back before we had Al, remember? You wouldn’t leave my side even for a minute, it was kind of annoying!”

“Yeah…” he said, off handedly.

“I do kind of miss it though…” she said, and then turned back to him with a serious look. “You think we should have another one?”

Ed dropped the book.


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evilchuckles on December 19th, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
Ha! That'll teach him!