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07 December 2010 @ 12:47 pm
Fanfic Archive  
 Posting this here to keep track of all my fanfics. This can be easily accessed by the links on the sidebar. 

FullMetal Alchemist

What comes Next - PG-13; Ed's brain breaks
Apple Pie Makes Babies? - PG-13; Ed didn't realize Apple Pie made babies.
Unclehood - PG-13; Al's POV on the Apple Pie = Babies situation.
A Collection of Firsts - PG-13; A collection of firsts in the Edwin relationship
What's It Like? - G; Ed wonders what its like to fly.
Liquor is Quicker - R; Ed+Winry+Absinthe = chaos.
Lines Crossed - G; Winry knows what lines not to cross.
Dewdrops - PG-13; She knows he still closes himself off from her.
That Four Letter Word - Ed/PG-13; He's a scientist--he doesn't know anything about feelings.
Waiting - PG; Winry hates waiting.
Mix-Up - R or language; Winry's panties end up in Ed's laundry basket.
Morning, Sunshine - PG-13; Ed's hungover and Winry has to take care of him.

Not his Fault - Al; PG-13; What Al thinks at night
Walk Forward - Ed, Ling, Greed; PG-13; During the worst camping trip ever, Ed and Ling have a talk. Greed makes comments.
Night on the Town - Kimblee/Stone; PG-13; Kimblee and Stone OTP
The Blanket - Al; G; Al remembers his baby blanket
Face Your Demons - Ed; PG-13; Ed faces his deepest fears in his dreams.
Karaoke Night - Team Mustang, Ed, Al; PG-13; Team Mustang, Ed and Al do karaoke. Drunk karaoke.
Fire in Your Eyes - Roy/Riza; PG-13; Mustang knows 9 different ways to kill you with flame.
Ice Queen - Olivia Armstrong; PG-13; Olivia knows you have to be a cold, heartless bitch to get to the top.
Mask of Hero, Soul of a Sinner - Ed; PG-13; Edward Elric and the FullMetal Alchemist are two different people.
Bad Dreams -  Ed; PG; Ed has nightmares about the one he couldn't save.


Rejection/Frustration Cycle 
Rejection -  PG; Ed wants to ask Winry out.
Frustration - PG-13; Ed deals with the fallout from Rejection.
She's got to be Doing it on Purpose - PG-13; Winry likes teasing Ed.
Advice - PG-13; Al gives Ed some advice about Winry. 
More Advice - PG-13; Al gives Winry some advice about Ed. 
Words - R for language; Ed tries to tell Winry how he feels.
Secrets in the Rain - R for language; Ed and Winry finally exchange some secrets

Finding Sunshine After Rain
chapter 1 - Ed/Winry; PG-13 - NC-17; First Anime fic; Winry goes through the gate, but must pretend to be a gate copy of herself. Angst ensues.
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4 - All chapters from this point are  rated R
chapter 5 - This chapter is NC-17
chapter 6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10

12 Days of Drabbles
Even the Bird Hates It - Roy, Riza; PG; A bird expresses an opinion on Roy's mustache
Lovebirds - Roy, Riza, Hughes; G; Hughes gets a letter from Gracia in Ishbal
Mother Hen - Resembool trio; PG; The kids get a new feathered friend
Carrion Crows -  Roy, Hughes; PG-13; Roy muses about the crows in Ishbal
The Perfect Fit -  Ed/Winry; PG-13; Ed tries to pick out a ring for Winry.
The Question - Ed, Winry, their kids; PG; The kids ask an embarrassing question.
Ugly Duckling - Ling/Ran Fan; PG; There's an Amesterian fairy tale about an ugly duckling...
It's Normal - Ed/Winry; PG-13; The body does weird things when its pregnant.
Dancing Lessons - Ed/Winry, Roy, Riza; PG-13; Ed and Winry have to learn how to watlz before their wedding.
Lords of Avarice - Olivia Armstrong; PG; To fight against ten lords of avarice, she'd have to become as greedy as them.
Clay Pipes - Roy/Riza; PG-13; Roy tries a friendship pipe in Ishbal.
Little Drummer Boy - Ed, Winry, their kids; G; Ed's son gets an interesting present for his birthday.

When in Xing
Part 1 - Ed/Winry; PG-13; When Al goes missing in Xing, its up to Ed and Winry to find him.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Code Geass
Code Geass fanfic archive here

Searching for Completion
Part 1 - Green/Red; PG-13; Green and Red had always been searching for completion, but neither knew what it really meant...
Part 2
Drakyndra,  Evil Master of Fandom: FMA: Kimbleedrakyndra on December 8th, 2010 03:38 am (UTC)
...You actually wrote Kimblee/Stone. My God.
Kit: Edo-kuninulovinkit on December 8th, 2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
That's been written for a while now. XD