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14 June 2010 @ 01:59 pm
Fic: Apple Pie Makes Babies?  
Title: Apple Pie Makes Babies?
Pairing: Edwin
Rating: Teen, for sexual implications
Summary: You thought the end of 108 was how the family got started? Wrong.
Warnings: Basically a whole spoiler for the end of the manga. You have been warned.

Golden eyes skimmed the paper as he slouched in the train seat, checking if anything interesting had happened since he had left Amestris.

Hmm...so the bastard General had been announced as the successor to Furher Grumman. Heh, he figured. And if Grumman had anything to say about it, his granddaughter would end up as the next First Lady, even if he had to threaten the General at gunpoint to get it done.

He chuckled at that mental image. Actually, he hoped that's how it would go down. Hawkeye had waited long enough.

More info on how the rebuilding of Ishbal was coming along...Now there was info about some Amestrisans moving to the region as well. He wanted to hope all would go smoothly, but it was too much to hope for that there wouldn't be any small conflicts.

You couldn't overturn hatred in a day, or even a few years, as he found out.

Looks like diplomatic relations with Xing were coming along. And now with that idiot on the throne, the internal strife in Xing was starting to die down. Even idiots were useful sometimes.

As he ran a hand through his bangs, he noticed someone was staring at him. He had gotten used to people staring at the metal limbs, but he didn't expect stares now that he was...restored. "Something wrong?" he asked politely, but thankfully the man didn't notice the annoyed glare.

"I'm sorry, just...you look awfully familiar...I think I've seen you somewhere before..."

"Uh-huh." Yeah, after traveling all over Amestris and to several of the surrounding countries, he got that a lot.

"I know! I was in the Central police force back during the coup! You're the FullMetal Alchemist, aren't you?"

He got this one a lot, too.

All he did was give a polite smile, "Sorry, but I'm not an alchemist. Besides, doesn't the FullMetal Alchemist have a metal arm?" he said, waving his human ones.

"Oh, right...my mistake. It's just, you look a lot like him and he'd be your age now..."

"That's all right."

He waited until the man was gone before retreating behind the newspaper, giving a pout. He hated when he was recognized. Always people coming up to him and wanting to thank him for what he did (selfish as it was, he wasn't thinking of Amestris when he stopped Father--he was thinking of the few that were important to him), those who wanted to praise him for his skill and see an alchemy trick or two (he had to make up excuses for those times) or the most annoying of them all, those who just wanted to shake his hand and brag to their friends that they met the FullMetal Alchemist. When it came to the younger, female variety, they always seemed content to stare and giggle, for some reason.

There was a reason he gave up his title. He didn't want to be the FullMetal Alchemist anymore.

Though the fact that he couldn't do alchemy reinforced that retirement. It was annoying now that he actually had to learn now how to fix a leaky pipe, or a hole in the roof all by hand instead of just giving a clap and being done with it. Sometimes Al would give a laugh and then take pity on him and give him an alchemical hand, or other times he would try and learn the "proper" ways to do things along with him.

What annoyed him most about the whole deal was when he would suddenly come up with a brilliant theory, something that could revolutionize alchemy as they knew it--and yet having to only stick with the theory. He was an alchemist born and raised--and when old habits died, they died hard.

But though it was annoying sometimes, being an "ordinary person", never did he regret it. What he had lost was only a fraction of what he had gained.

Heh, Equivalent Exchange on its head, indeed.

Looking out the window towards the countryside, he figured it wouldn't be too much longer until they reached Resembool station. The trip he had taken out to Xing to visit Al had been fun, but coming home was always the best part.

Because there was someone waiting for him.

Ever since he and Al had first come home from their journey to get their bodies back, coming back home to Resembool had become sort of a ritual for them. Winry would always be waiting for them, apple pie baked and ready to eat.

Of course, things changed a little bit after that day in the train station. Sure, Winry still baked her apple pie, but there was some...other apple pie to consider.

That day, he promised to give her half of his life. Well...at the time he wasn't really to sure what he meant by it, but he did know what he wanted--he wanted her to be around him forever.

"She won't wait forever, Brother." Alphonse had reminded him several times before that. "You have to say something."

And so he did.

Though he didn't expect such...enthusiastic results.

When he finally returned from the West, Winry met him at the train station, ran into his arms and--kissed him right there and then.

He was really too stunned to do anything but just stand there.

Later on, they took a walk through some of the open fields they remembered; Ed was really sick of the industrial West and wanted to see something green after all that time. Winry apologized for the kiss, but he told her he didn't mind--it wasn't like it felt bad...er, well, it wasn't bad, it was..um...surprising. That was a good word.

Then she asked him how he'd feel if he wasn't surprised by it.

He wasn't really sure what happened next but one minute she was kissing him, and he tried to return the favor by kissing her back--the next minute they were getting a bit...intimate underneath the old tree on old lady Nell's sheep farm.

Well, the fact that he'd been having some pretty interesting dreams involving Winry all through his time in the West probably helped.

Now, whenever Ed returned from his travels, Winry baked an apple pie, like usual...but she always reserved what she called her "special" apple pie, just for him. Now leaving to go see the world was getting really hard, with this at home waiting for him.

Still, oh man was it worth it every time he came back to see her face and that damn sexy grin when she took his hand and led him away to a more private place...

Calm down, Elric! You're not home yet!

It was close enough, since the train soon pulled into Resembool Station. He was out of the seat with his bag the second the train stopped. Out the compartment, down the stairs, out on the platform and there she is! There she is! Yes!

Though she didn't run into his arms and knock him back against the train like last time. Well, she probably couldn't think of anything to top that.

"Welcome home, Ed," she said with a smile on her face, giving him the usual hug.

"Yeah..." No kiss? Not even a little one? Maybe she was saving it for later. The did get funny looks whenever they started making out in public. Even she said it made her uncomfortable, though the one that usually imitated it was her.

"Come on, lets go home," she said, cheerful as always, while taking his hand.

He was a little miffed when he saw her leave the station without turning into the station bathrooms. How could he forget that one time he came home and she dragged him right into the station bathrooms for a...reunion.

Though they did get caught that time, even if no one recognized them (His hair band had gotten lost somewhere on the floor) so she probably never wanted to go back in there again.

Though he was kind of hoping getting jumped in a train station bathroom would become a tradition of theirs.

"I baked an apple pie," she said, reassuring him at once.

Well, it wasn't one of her usual sexy grins, but "apple pie"? Sweet!.

He couldn't say anything while Granny was still awake in the house. She knew the two of them were 'courting' as she put it, and maybe she had an inkling of what was going on, but no way in hell did she realize how extensive their journey into adulthood was.

Winry was never too sure about that. She said others had told her stories of the type of woman her grandmother was at their age. Apparently it would shock them both.

Then Ed pointed out he was pretty sure she had never had sex in a train station bathroom.

Though that might have more to do with the fact that Resembool Station hadn't been built yet.

Though he waited patiently (oh so very patiently) until Granny had gone to bed before grinning, "So, about that 'apple pie'..."

"I thought you were eating it."

He glared down at his second piece of the physical pie. "Not that apple pie! You know..."

She gave a sigh and rolled her eyes, "Ed..."

"What?" he shrugged. Come on, Win! I've been away for  a month when its just been me and my right hand. I'm dying here!.

"Ed, I'm tired, can't we just--"

Cue Elric puppy-eyes. She could never resist them.



"Ugh! Fine! Lets just go to a more private place!" she grabbed a coat and stormed out.

Ed stared for a moment, before following her.

Maybe she was mad now, but he'd apologize, tell her he was stupid, and then there'd be sweet, sweet make up sex, right?


"Man, I missed this, you can't see any of the stars in Central," he sighed, looking up at the sky as they sat under their new favorite tree.

"Yeah..." she said, leaning against him, all prior arguments forgotten. "You're not just saying this because you want me to let you have some apple pie, are you?"

"I'm not!" For once, he was telling the truth--he really did miss seeing the stars in Central.

Apple pie was still pretty high on the priority list, though.

What was with her, today, though? Usually she was the one way too eager to have some of that apple pie every time he returned. He had never seen her so not into it.

Wait...she wasn't on her period, was she? Damnit, that would suck...No, wait, twenty eight days...nope, should have happened last week. Usually she was pretty horny once that passed.

So what was up with this all of a sudden?

"Winry, are you..."

"What, Ed?" she suddenly snapped. "Gonna ask me if I'm up for sex again?"

"Win..." Jeez, what the Hell?

"I'm not just a sex machine, Edward! I'm a person!"

He raised his hands in surrender. "Yeah, I know! A wonderful person, so--"

"Sometimes I think you only want me because I give you what you want!"

"Winry!" That wasn't true!

"Because that's just...that's just..." and then came the tears.

Damnit. He promised he would never make her cry again!

He sighed. "Winry..." he put an arm around her and held her close. "Don't you know by now that you're everything to me? The sex is good but...that's not why I want you here. You're the only person I can imagine staying beside me for the rest of my life."

Good thing she wasn't looking up to see him blush. Damnit. He could go through the most intimate of situations with a smirk on his face but stuff like this always brought out the embarrassment.

"Ed, I'm scared, I'm so scared..." she stared whimpering.

"You don't have to be scared..." He reassured her, but he was confused. Scared about what? "Winry, is something going on?"

Now she looked up at him, fear in her eyes. She bit her lip, unsure of what to say. But she had to say it. "Ed...Oh God Ed...there's...I'm...I'm pregnant, Ed."



"You're...wait a minute! How the Hell did this...WHAT THE HELL?" All his higher brain functions had temporarily shut down, only to be replaced with the phrase "PREGNANT". "I thought--I thought we were being careful!" He sure as hell always kept a few spare condoms in his pocket, and when they didn't have any, they made sure not to go all the way.

"Well, you can never be 100% Edward!" Winry said, more tears leaking from her eyes, given his stunned reaction. "But it happened and there's nothing we can do about it now!"



That meant baby.

Oh crap.

He ran his fingers through his hair, unable to look back at her. Not because it was her fault, no...now he was more angry at himself for how badly he had screwed this up. "How...how long? I mean I was only gone for..."

"Not that long...no more than a month. I just found out."

Oh, good. So it wasn't that time in the station bathroom, then.

"Ed...what are we going to do?" she asked, finally making him look back at her.

It was really unbelievable how he could save the world and yet when it came to stuff like this, he was so unsure. I mean, Winry wasn't even twenty one yet. He was always away traveling, and Winry still lived at home with Pinako while he was away.

They could have both just horribly screwed up their lives--

Or, they could decide to make this the happiest moment of them.

He couldn't. He couldn't do it. Winry would be a wonderful mom but him? He still had a wanderer's spirit. Could he throw that away for a family? He'd end up being a horrible dad, just like his old man, and any kids he brought into this world would hate him for it. It'd be a big mistake, it would all end in tragedy, it would never work...

His hand curled into a fist.

No. He'd make it work!

"A baby? That's...that's wonderful!"

Winry stared. "Ed?"

"That's just great!" he smiled, no, now he was laughing! "Think about it, we've done what no alchemy can ever do--we've made life!"

Now he was freaking her out. "But Ed...we're only--"

"I know." He hugged her, placing a hand on her belly. "It's a little early but think about it! We're gonna have a family! This is wonderful! A kid, we're gonna have a kid! Al is gonna be so jealous--"

Time to bring him down to earth. "Ed! We're not even married! Granny is gonna kill us!"

"Do you want to get married?" He asked, not even a romantic hint to his voice.

Only Ed would ask that in the most unromantic way ever. And yet she still blushed. "Well...I think it would be better accepted by everyone if we were--"

One big smile and then, "Okay then! Lets go do it tomorrow."

What? "Tomorrow? Wait, Ed--!"

He was gone. Sure he was still physically there holding her, but his mind was far away. "And a house! We'll need a house and--rooms! Lots of rooms! If we have more kids we'd need more rooms...and a big yard with a swing and..."


"Al! Gonna have to write to Al! He's gotta be here when the kid comes! Oh, if its a boy I hope we name it Al...and if its a girl, hmm, what do you think? Name it after my mom or yours? I kind of want to name it Nina if its a girl, but if we have more than one--!"

"Edward!" That got him back. "Can...can we worry about all of this tomorrow?"

He gave an adorable look of embarrassment, and then, "Yeah..." he smiled.

They leaned against each other and walked back to the house, promise of a new beginning ahead of them. "Winry..."



"For what?"

He smiled, and kissed her on the forehead. "For giving me something I always wanted--a family."

If the day hadn't been so hard, she would have jumped him right then.

Still, if he really did make good on his promise and marry her, build her a house...she might have to give him apple pie a lot more often.
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alchemyotaku75: love is in the airhaganeneko on June 15th, 2010 06:30 am (UTC)
Nice work!

We'll have to keep writing the Ed/Winry fic to fill in all of Arakawa's gaps, right? *grins*

Love your icon--Yes, Ed would want to tap that...